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Bijdrage in boek
Crombé, P., 1998. Five years of intensive Mesolithic research in northwestern Belgium: some preliminary results. In N. J. Conard & Kind, C. -j Aktuelle Forschungen zum Mesolithikum. Urgeschichtliche Materialhefte. Urgeschichtliche Materialhefte. Tübingen, pp. 15-28.
Vermeersch, P.M., 2006. Reliability of the Stratigraphy and Spatial Structures of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Sites in Sandy Areas – Mesolithic-Neolithic Contacts in Central Benelux?. In C. -j Kind After the Ice Age: Settlements, subsistence and social development in the Mesolithic of Central Europe. Materialhefte zur Archäologie in Baden-Württemberg. Stuttgart: Konrad Theiss Verlag, pp. 297-303.
Paper op een congres
Crombé, P., Perdaen, Y. & Sergant, J., 2006. Extensive artefact concentrations: single occupations or palimpsests? The evidence from the Early Mesolithic site of Verrebroek "Dok" (Belgium). In C. -j Kind "After the Ice Age" Proceedings of the International Conference (Rottenburg, september 2003). Rottenburg, pp. 237-243.