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Louwagie, G. & Langohr, R., 1999. Puzzling perturbation features in Podzol profiles of the Mesolitghic excavation in Verrebroek Dok. In R. Langohr & Louwagie, G. Soils and palaeoenvironment reconstruction-aoolications in Geo-and Archaeopedology. s.l., p. 18.
Louwagie, G. e.a., 2006. Migration of Stone Age artefacts in the sandy soils of the Verrebroek "Dok" and Doel "Deurgangckdok" excavations (Province of East-Flanders, Belgium). In Proceedings of the XIVth Congress of the "Union International de Sciences Pré- et Protohistoriques" (Liège, September 2001). British Archaeological Reports, International Series. Liège, p. s.p.