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Freeman, P., 1997. Mommsen through to Haverfield: the origins of Romanization studies in the late 19th-c. Britain. In D. Mattingly Dialogues in Roman Imperialism. Power, discourse and discrepant experience in the Roman Empire. Journal of Roman Archaeology, supplementary series / International Roman Archaeology Conference Series. Portsmouth, Rhode Island, pp. 27-50.
Freeman, P., 1997. 'Romanization'-'Imperialism': what are we talking about?. In K. Meadows, Lemke, K., & Heron, J. TRAC 96. Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference. Hosted by the Research School of Archaeology and Archaeological Science. The University of Sheffield March 30th & 31st 1996. Oxford: Oxbow, pp. 8-14.
Freeman, P., 1996. British Imperialism and the Roman Empire. In J. Webster & Cooper, N. Roman Imperialism: post-colonial perspectives. Leicester Archaeology Monographs. Leicester, pp. 19-34.