Frontier settlements of the LBK in central Belgium

TitelFrontier settlements of the LBK in central Belgium
PublicatietypeBijdrage in boek
AuteursLodewijckx, M
EditorHofmann, D, Bickle, P
Titel van het BoekCreating Communities: New Advances in Central European Neolithic Research
UitgeverOxbow Books
PlaatsOxford, New York
ISBN Nummer 978-1-84217-353-4

The aim of this book is to raise questions about the investigation of identity, community and change in prehistory, and to challenge the current state of debate in Central European Neolithic archaeology. Although the LBK is one of the best researched Neolithic cultures in Europe, here the material is used in order to further explore the interconnection between individuals, households, settlements and regions, explicitly addressing questions of Neolithic society and lived experience. By embracing a variety of approaches and voices, this volume draws out some of the cross-cutting concerns which unite LBK studies in their different regional research contexts and paves the way for further debate on the subject. 271p, 118 b/w illus, 16 tbls (Oxbow Books, 2009)

Citation KeyLodewijck:2009aa