Rural Buildings and the Search of a ‘Regional’ Architecture in Belgium

TitelRural Buildings and the Search of a ‘Regional’ Architecture in Belgium
PublicatietypeBijdrage in boek
AuteursMeganck, L, Van Santvoort, L
EditorBallantyne, A
Titel van het BoekRural and Urban. Architecture between two cultures
PlaatsOxon, New York
ISBN Nummer978-0-415-55213-4

Investigating various ways in which the cultures of the town and the countryside interact in architecture, original essays in this book written by an international range of recognized theorists will help all students of architecture and urban design understand how the urban and rural relate.

Taking a broad historical sweep, this collection draws on a symposium of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain.


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1. Rural and Urban Milieux Andrew Ballantyne and Gillian Ince 2. Villeggiatura in the Urban Context of Renaissance Rome: Paul III Farnese’s Villa-Tower on the Campidoglio Antonella De Michelis 3. Rural Urbanism Dana Arnold 4. Anti-Urban Utopia in the German Aufklarung: the Ideology of Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff’s Architecture Marc Brabant 5. Urban Meets Rural: a Study of Three Eighteenth-Century Retreats on the Isle of Wight Stewart Abbott 6. The Picturesque Bourgeois House at the Edges of the Neo-Classical City Philippe Gresset 7. Rural Buildings and the Search of a ‘Regional’ Architecture in Belgium Leen Meganck and Linda van Santvoort 8. Nature and the City in 1920s America: Sunnyside Gardens, Queens, New York Bruce Thomas 9. Rurality as a Locus of Modernity: Romanian Interwar Architecture Carmen Popescu 10. Is the Kibbutz a ‘Radiant Village’?: Le Corbusier and the Zionist Movement Marina Epstein-Pliouchtch and Tzafrir Fainholtz 11. An Unlikely Influence: Le Corbusier and the Garden City Movement Emma Dummett 12. From the ‘Model Village’ to a Satellite town: Reading Change in Temelli through the Transformation of its Residential Landscape Ali Cengizkan and Didem Kilickiran

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