Exchanging Medieval Material Culture. Studies on archaeology and history presented to F. Verhaeghe

TitelExchanging Medieval Material Culture. Studies on archaeology and history presented to F. Verhaeghe
AuteursDe Groote, K, Tys, D, Pieters, M
ReekstitelRelicta Monografieën. Archeologie, Monumenten- en Landschapsonderzoek in Vlaanderen
Volume in de reeks4
Aantal pagina's384
ISBN Nummer978 90 7523 0291

Met dit liber amicorum brengen Belgische, Britse, Nederlandse, Franse en Deense collega's hulde aan Frans Verhaeghe. Het boek bevat 22 artikelen over materiële cultuur verdeeld in drie secties: materiële cultuur, landschap en nederzetting en theorie. Daarnaast bevat het een uitgebreide bibliografie en een inleidend hoofdstuk over de rijke loopbaan van Frans Verhaeghe.


  • Tys D.: The nine lives of Frans Verhaeghe: an overview of his career until now 11-19
  • Material culture 21-204
  • Bartels M.: Admiration in clay, devotion on paper : archaeology, context and interpretation of an Anna Selbdritt statuette (1475-1515) from the Hanseatic town of Deventer, the Netherlands, in the context of early Renaissance poetry by Rudolf Agricola and book printing by Richard Pafraet pp. 21-30
  • Clevis H. & Thijssen: New Style Classification System, pp. 31-41
  • De Poorter A.: Céramique commune post-médiévale 'marquée', en provenance de Malines (Belgique, province d'Anvers), pp. 43-54
  • Egan G.: Medieval and later trade in textiles between Belgium and England. The picture from some finds of cloth seals, pp. 55-66
  • Haggerty G. & Hall D.: 'Throw some more fuel on the fire' : the stove tiles of medieval Scotland, pp. 67-74
  • Hillewaert B:, A jug on a jug : some thoughts on decorative function or functional decoration, pp. 75-79
  • Husi P.: Red-painted and glazed ware of the early medieval period in western France: new data for previous interpretations, an assessment for northwestern Europe, pp. 81-91
  • anssen H. & Nijhof E.: Fifteenth-century pottery production in 's-Hertogenbosch. The excavation of two pottery workshops, pp. 93-136
  • Jennings S.: Prototype or Skeuomorph? : a lead urinal from Jervaulx Abbey, North Yorkshire (England), pp. 137-142
  • Pieters M.: Twice three fishes from Walraversyde (Ostend, Belgium), pp. 143-153
  • Redknap M., Tripod ewers from medieval households: some thoughts on new discoveries, pp. 155-176
  • Veeckman J., Sherds from a church : maiolica production waste from the Augustinian friary in Antwerp, pp. 177-188
    * Vlierman K., An overview of the dated stoneware (groups) from ships in the Netherlands (Zuiderzee region) and Novaya Zemlya (1200-1600), pp. 189-204
  • Settlement and landscape 205-315
  • Annaert R.:The Merovingian cemetery of Broechem (B, province of Antwerp) in the North-Austrasian pagus Renensis, pp. 205-215
  • Callebaut D.: Ename and the Ottonian west border policy in the middle Scheldt region, pp. 217-248
  • De Groote K.:The contribution of archaeological sources to the research in the formation of towns. The example of Aalst, a border town in the county of Flanders, pp. 249-266
  • Evans D.H.: A good riddance of bad rubbish? : scatological musings on rubbish disposal and the handling of 'filth' in medieval and early post-medieval towns, pp. 267-278
  • Hupperetz W.: Micro history, archaeology and the study of housing culture : some thoughts on archaeological and historical data from a cesspit in 17th-century Breda, pp. 279-284
  • Roesdahl E.: Danish sponsors, English lead, Vikings, and roof for the church of Sainte Geneviève in Paris, pp. 285-288
  • ys D.: Medieval moated sites in coastal Flanders: the impact of social groups on the formation of the landscape in relation to the early states of the Count of Flanders, pp. 289-301
  • Verslype L.: La dotation funéraire des tombes dites de 'chefs' dans le Nord-Ouest de la Gaule du 5e au 7e siècle, pp. 303-315
  • Theory 317-345
  • Courtney P.: Social theory and post-medieval archaeology: a historical perspective, pp. 317-345
  • Bibliography Frans Verhaeghe 1968-2009 pp.347-382
Citation KeyDeGroote:2010ad